(Császár Vera) 
1065 Bp. Bajcsy-Zs. út 5. 
tel.: 317 94 75 
   I am a Hungarian graphic artist, educated at the Secondary School of Fine Arts in Budapest.
Since 1984, my works have been published in several literary magazins and periodicals. My works have also been exhibited in established art galleries such as Bocskai Gallery, Rét Gallery and Csók Gallery in Budapest. In 1997, I participated in the Satirical Arts Festival, organized by MKA (Hungarian Cultural Foundation). 


   I do not have a verbal opinion about my works - I hope other people will do that. If they would wish to do so, they could write down what they think and send it to the address below (in the picture): 

I started work on these
cycle, presented here in 1996. Since then, I worked on them continuously only with minor interruptions. My intention is to continue with them so they will reflect the changes in my style as it happens, a record if you wish. Some of the twenty-one sheets presented here, were presented at various art competitions and exhibitons. In 1998, a series of six of them has won the Rékássy Competition and a prize of the Ministry of Culture at the Caricature Art Festival organized by the Hungarian Cultural Foundation.
All the sheets in the ‘Machination Cycle’ are in crayon and pencil; 18 x 26 centimetre (7 1/5’’ x 10 1/8’’) in size.The series will not be on sale before completion (around a hundred sheets) and it is reserved for public or private collections that can provide constant exhibition and maintenance.